Thursday, October 15, 2009

Derrick Reed on Playgirl today!

Derrick is a bartender at the popular vacation resort of Cherry Grove, Fire Island. We first found him swimming at the beach, and were most taken by his beautiful, soulful eyes. But then when we saw him changing out of his swimsuit at the beach, we were impressed by what he had under that swimsuit.
We shot him this past August.
His solo video is now up for your enjoyment at

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don Masters: Classic Movie Star Looks

Don Masters is a classically good looking guy, with an all American smile and killer body. He's big and beefy, and we shot him at our Home for Wayward Boys on Fire Island this past Summer.
Don's galleries of pics and solo JO video are available exclusively on today!

Dylan on

Dylan is a 23 yr old actor living in Manhattan whom we shot this Summer on Fire Island. We called him "adorkable" at the shoot, which is our way of describing someone who's a little dorky yet hot. Like Justin the Mac guy or John Krasinski from The Office.
He's lean and supersweet, esp his tatt on his arm which say "Mum"
Check him out on